Mod More Animals in Addon

Discover the Diverse Wildlife of Minecraft with yCreatures Trial Mod!

Embark on an adventure like no other as you explore the rich and diverse world of Minecraft with the yCreatures Trial mod. This mod introduces over 70 new animals, each bringing its own unique characteristics, behaviors, and sounds to the game. Let’s take a glimpse into the fascinating creatures that await you:

ðŸĶ… Eagle ðŸĶŒ Elk

ðŸĶ™ Alpaca ðŸū Tapir

🐆 Scat 🐋 Whale

🌚 Hummingbird ðŸĶŒ Antelope

🐎 Pink Dolphin ðŸĶŽ Lizard

ðŸđ Guinea Pig ðŸĶ€ Crab

ðŸĶ Cassowary ðŸĶŒ Deer

ðŸĩ Monkey ðŸĶĒ Swan

ðŸĻ Koala ðŸĶ‰ Owl

🐧 Emu ðŸĶĻ Skunk

🐃 Wildebeest ðŸĶ Gorilla

🌊 Jellyfish ðŸĨ Kiwi

Lemur 🐋 Killer Whale

ðŸĶ† Platypus 🌊 Manatee

ðŸĶĨ Sloth, Ant-eater

ðŸĶĄ Mole ðŸĶˆ Shark

Zebra, Giraffe

Elephant, Camel

🌚 Toucan ðŸŧ Bear

From the majestic eagle soaring through the skies to the playful dolphins dancing in the waves, each creature adds depth and vibrancy to the Minecraft world. With their varied patterns, sounds, and behaviors, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world teeming with life and wonder.

So why wait? Dive into the world of Minecraft with the yCreatures Trial mod and embark on an unforgettable journey filled with discovery and adventure! 🌍ðŸū

Download mod (.mcaddon)
Download textures for mod (.mcaddon)

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