Car Simple Vehicles Minecraft in Addon

Mod Car Simple Vehicles is a revolutionary addition to the Minecraft game that allows you to add many different vehicles to your world.
Forget about being limited to cars only – this mod offers you a lot of freedom of action!
You, your friends and your characters can now enjoy endless racing adventures in Minecraft. And it’s not just about the roads – get ready
to interaction with a huge range of transport. Install the mod and enjoy more than 80 different types of vehicles including cars, planes, even tanks and many more!
Casual use or role-playing with big cities – no matter what style you choose, with this mod you will not want to look for individual addons or add transport one at a time. Car Simple Vehicles gives you tons of options to give your world a realistic feel.
By installing this mod, you will deepen your racing and adventures in Minecraft. Feel the speed, warm up with the wind in your favorite vehicle and go
on unforgettable journeys with friends in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition. With Car Simple Vehicles, you will get more than a dozen vehicles, among which you can
highlight such as Car Tesla CyberTruck, passenger cars, trucks, concrete mixers, excavators, fast cars, fire engines, airplanes, helicopters, boats,
bicycles, motorcycles, scooters and many more!
Do not hesitate – add the Car Simple Vehicles mod to your Minecraft and immerse yourself in the exciting world of transport adventures and limitless possibilities!

DISCLAIMER: This app is in no way affiliated with Mojang AB. Not an official Minecraft product.
The name, brand and assets are the property of Mojang AB or their authorized owner.


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