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Add mermaids to your Minecraft PE world with this collection of mods!

  • Fantasy Creatures mod: This mod adds a large number of different creatures, including mermaids.
  • Mystic Land mod: This mod adds ancient Greek creatures, such as Medusa, sirens, and mermaids.
  • The Mermaids – Landare Expansion mod: This mod adds cute mermaids with unique animations.
  • Ice Siren mod: This mod adds three types of mermaids that will protect the oceans from players.
  • Mermaid Craft mod: This mod allows you to become a mermaid by wearing a special crown.
  • Siren mod: This mod adds new sea creatures, including sirens and a temple of sirens.

With Mermaids for Minecraft PE, you can add mermaids, tridents, and other new features to your Minecraft world. Transform your plain and monotonous world into a unique and exciting underwater adventure!

Download and install Mermaids for Minecraft PE mod game automatically.

Enhance your Minecraft Pocket Edition experience with the mods and add-ons you want. With Mermaids for Minecraft PE, you can add mermaids with fins and tridents to your Minecraft Pocket Edition world and improve all the blocks. Transform the default MCPE plain and monotonous world, create your own unique world.

DISCLAIMER: This app is in no way affiliated with Mojang AB. Not an official Minecraft product. The name, brand and assets are the property of Mojang AB or their authorized owner.

Get Mermaids for Minecraft PE today and start your underwater adventure!


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