Map: Zombie Attack Christmas in Addon

Unwrap Thrilling Mayhem: SG Zombies Christmas Edition for Minecraft Bedrock!

Ho ho ho, Minecraft fans! Brace yourselves for a festive apocalypse with SG Zombies Christmas Edition, a thrilling overhaul of SkyGames’ popular map, now bursting with holiday cheer and heart-pounding action!

Dive into a winter wonderland of intense survival:

  • Battle through 15 increasingly challenging zombie waves! Each wave brings a fresh wave of undead terror, testing your mettle and resourcefulness.
  • Unleash a festive arsenal: Slay your foes with a variety of powerful weapons, from classic swords to sneaky snowball launchers!
  • Command the chaos: Utilize strategically placed command blocks to activate traps, summon allies, or even trigger a blizzard (brrr!).
  • Deck the halls with redstone: Navigate a fully revamped redstone system, opening locked doors, activating hidden passages, and crafting ingenious contraptions.
  • Explore a snowy wonderland: Unwrap a brand-new “Christmas” map, packed with festive zones like the Gingerbread House Arena and the Frosty Fortress!

But wait, there’s more!

  • Deny your enemies: Bar their access with strategically placed denied gates, forcing them to find alternative routes and adding an extra layer of strategic depth.
  • Earn your rewards: Every zombie slain drops precious coins, the key to unlocking gates, purchasing vital items, and securing your survival.
  • Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit: A custom texture pack transforms the world with festive decorations, snowy landscapes, and a touch of holiday cheer!

Ready to face the undead and conquer the Christmas chaos? Gather your friends, grab your weapons, and download SG Zombies Christmas Edition today!

How to Play:

  1. Download the map and import it into Minecraft Bedrock.
  2. Gather your friends and choose your teams (optional).
  3. Head to the spawn point and prepare for the zombie onslaught!
  4. Eliminate zombies to earn coins and unlock gates.
  5. Utilize command blocks and redstone to your advantage.
  6. Work together, strategize, and survive all 15 waves to claim victory!

Don’t miss out on this festive frenzy! Download SG Zombies Christmas Edition and unleash the holiday mayhem!

Download Zombie Attack Christmas map (.mcpack)

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