Mod Animals Savanna in Addon

Unleash the Untamed Beauty of the Savanna with yCreatures!

Minecraft PE just got wildly exciting! Introducing the yCreatures Savanna mod, a colossal update overflowing with over 100 unique animals that breathe life and adventure into your blocky world.

Embrace a vibrant tapestry of creatures:

  • Encounter majestic predators: Leopards stalk the trees, cheetahs blur across the plains, and Nile crocodiles guard the water with a primal ferocity. Each animal boasts stunning animations, realistic textures, and distinct personalities.
  • Befriend exotic companions: Tame a loyal leopard with juicy beef or a speedy cheetah with raw lamb. Elephants offer majestic rides through the savanna, while hippos gobble down watermelons with comical gusto.
  • Witness intricate ecosystems: Observe cheetahs hunt chickens, eagles snatch fish from the water, and herbivores graze peacefully, creating a living, breathing savanna ecosystem around you.

yCreatures Savanna is more than just pretty faces – it’s an invitation to:

  • Unleash your inner explorer: Discover hidden dens, track elusive predators, and uncover the secrets of this diverse ecosystem.
  • Craft unforgettable adventures: Ride elephants across the plains, form alliances with loyal companions, and face the challenges of the wild.
  • Customize your world: Choose from over 100 unique animals, each with its own quirks and interactions, to create a savanna experience that’s truly your own.

yCreatures Savanna isn’t just a mod – it’s an expansion of your imagination. Download it today and step into a world teeming with life, wonder, and unexpected adventures!

Download textures for the yCreatures mod (.mcpack)
Download mod yCreatures (.mcpack)

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