Mod Borgy’s Mobs in Addon

Introducing Borgy’s Mobs Mod: Unleash the Creatures!

Prepare for a thrilling adventure in Minecraft with the Borgy’s Mobs mod, where a plethora of bizarre creatures await to challenge your survival skills. Each monster comes with its own set of abilities and behaviors, ensuring that your journey is both perilous and captivating. Let’s dive into the diverse array of creatures introduced by this mod:

🦀 Headcrab:

  • A small parasite known for clinging to humanoids
  • Invades the brain and other body parts
  • Attacks villagers, pigs, and anything edible
  • Found in plains, deserts, and dungeons
  • Wear a helmet to avoid turning into a zombie headcrab

Hound Eye:

  • Pack hunters utilizing shockwave attacks
  • Aggressively targets all moving entities except its own kind
  • Spawns in plains and deserts
  • Tamed with any type of cooked meat, but be cautious as tamed hounds still inflict damage

🐙 Bull Squid:

  • Aggressive creatures attacking indiscriminately, even their own kind
  • Attacks using spitting or tail strikes
  • Typically found in swamps

🐬 Ichthyosaur:

  • Aquatic predators hunting nearby creatures, excluding their own species
  • Tamed with all types of raw meat
  • Can be ridden underwater, allowing for biting attacks
  • Spawns in oceans

🐉 Bakunawa:

  • Exotic sea dragons roaming the depths of the oceans
  • Aggressively attacks all creatures, including its offspring
  • Utilizes bite and fire breath attacks
  • Tamed by hatching and raising an egg found with a 12.5% drop chance
  • Can be ridden and controlled after taming

⚔️ Staff of Bakunawa:

  • Crafted from dragon hearts dropped with a 50% chance
  • Allows players to utilize the dragon’s fire breath while riding it
  • Grants sea power and regeneration to the dragon when given to them

Embark on an unforgettable journey filled with danger and excitement as you encounter these extraordinary creatures in the world of Minecraft. Are you prepared to face the challenges that await? 🌟🐾🔥

Download mod (.mcaddon)

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