Mod Boxy Boo for Minecraft in Addon

Description: 📦 Dive into the whimsical world of Project Playtime with the Boxy Boo mod for Minecraft!

🎮 Released recently and already a hit among players, Project Playtime’s cartoonish graphics, simple gameplay, and light horror elements have captivated audiences. Now, with the Boxy Boo mod, you can bring this exciting universe into your Minecraft adventures and face off against the main boss, Boxy Boo!

👻 Characteristics of Boxy Boo (The Boss):

  • Attacks:
    • Unleashes attacks on all enemy mobs and players, providing a challenging encounter.
  • Health:
    • Boxy Boo boasts a formidable 700 health units, requiring strategic gameplay to defeat.
  • Attack Power:
    • Possesses a powerful attack dealing 35 units of damage.
  • Spawn:
    • Boxy Boo can spawn in all biomes, keeping players on their toes in any environment.
  • Spawn Methods:
    • Use commands or a spawn egg to summon Boxy Boo into your Minecraft world.

🔗 Download Boxy Boo Mod:


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