Mod Chameleon for Minecraft in Addon

Welcome a Colorful Companion with the Chameleon Mod for Minecraft PE!

Ever dreamt of having a unique and mesmerizing friend by your side in Minecraft? The Chameleon mod brings that dream to life, introducing a charming little reptile that’s not only eye-catching but also unexpectedly helpful!

Meet Your Pocket-Sized Palette:

  • Adorable and rare: Encounter these friendly chameleons hidden within lush jungles (5% chance!), adding a touch of exotic charm to your world.
  • Customized charm: Choose from a vibrant spectrum of colors and patterns to personalize your chameleon, making it a true reflection of your own style.
  • Loyal and interactive: Train your chameleon to perform playful tricks and helpful tasks, adding a delightful layer of interaction to your Minecraft adventures.

Beyond the Beauty:

  • A helpful bite: When trouble arises, your chameleon’s bite slows down enemies, giving you an edge in combat situations.
  • Bee-licious diet: Keep your scaly friend happy with a diet of sweet bees, ensuring their colorful scales shimmer with vibrant hues.
  • Breeding potential: Use spider eyes to bring new generations of chameleons into your world, expanding your reptilian family and spreading the charm.

Important Notes:

  • Chameleons may be friendly, but they’re wild at heart. Avoid getting too close, as they might perceive it as a threat and attack.
  • While their beautiful shirts offer invisibility, their protection level is low, so treat them with care!

So, download the Chameleon mod today and:

  • Unleash a splash of color into your Minecraft world.
  • Witness the magic of a loyal and interactive companion.
  • Experience the joy of training your very own mini-mesmerizer.

Remember, a happy chameleon is a colorful chameleon! Feed them well, provide them with a comfortable space, and enjoy their unique charm as they become your faithful companion in the blocky world.

Download mod (.mcpack)

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