Mod Corruption in Addon

Corrupt Your Minecraft World with the Corruption Mod!

Are you looking for a new challenge in Minecraft? The Corruption mod is just what you need. This mod will add a new virus to the game that will turn ordinary mobs into vicious and evil monsters.

Corrupted Mobs

All mobs that are infected with the virus will gradually transform into evil monsters. In the early stages of infection, they will look the same as before, but they will become more hideous and terrifying over time. In the late stages of infection, they will gain the prefix “Evil” or “Wicked” before their name. These monsters are much stronger than their original counterparts and will pose a serious threat to players.

Players Can Also Be Infected

If you come into contact with infected mobs or objects, you can also become infected with the virus. When you are infected, your character will begin to gradually transform into an evil monster. You can stop the infection by using an antidote, but it may not be easy.

Additional Features

The Corruption mod also adds other interesting features, such as:

  • Corrupted Items: You can use a bucket on a corrupted cow to get corrupted milk. This milk can be used to create various items, such as potions, armor, and weapons.
  • New Bosses: The mod adds three new bosses, which are corrupted versions of ordinary mobs. These bosses are very powerful and will pose a serious threat even to experienced players.

If you are looking for a new and exciting challenge in Minecraft, the Corruption mod is what you need. Corrupt your world and prepare to battle new and dangerous monsters!

Download mod (.mcaddon)

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