Mod Dark Times of Monsters in Addon

The DarkAge Bizarre mod transforms the Minecraft world into a realm of intense adventure, challenging bosses, and intriguing structures. Brace yourself for a thrilling journey filled with powerful mobs, valuable loot, and formidable foes. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:

New Mobs and Characters:

Chokurmis: Swift bird found in the Plains, tamable like a horse, can be equipped with gear, and offers airborne mobility.

Mercenaries: Aggressive group found in camps, equipped with various weapons, can be hired through negotiation.

Smelly Medic: A doctor selling unique items like a smelly mask with night vision and a syringe with suspicious blood.

Owl: Beautiful bird tamable with meat, capable of repelling spirits and ghosts, can perch on the player’s shoulder.

Jade Panda: Jungle guardian mob protecting valuable structures from intrusion.

Formidable Bosses:

Plague: Extremely powerful boss accompanied by minions, capable of wreaking havoc and regeneration.

Unbound Elemental: Elemental boss spawning in forests, leaving craters, and dropping valuable loot.

Spider Queen: Boss found in cave structures, spawning spiders and shooting webs.

Ice Golem: Cold biome boss creating ice explosions and summoning minions.

Nagar: Boss summoning aggressive bees and minions, with unique drops.

Terrifying Biomes and Structures:

Silver Valley: New dangerous biome not recommended without diamond equipment.

Devourer: Biome-dwelling mob consuming other mobs, tamable and breedable with specific meat.

Scary Tree: Turns hostile at night, drops sprouts for planting in ash and interaction with suspicious blood.

Headless horseman

Grave Lord: Mini-boss spawning in cemeteries, inflicting projectile wither and dropping rare weapons.

Guardians and Soldiers: Bosses with shields protecting against attacks and dropping valuable loot.

orcerer Guardian


Ultimate Challenge:

  • Disaster: Final boss capable of breaking bedrock, requiring level 2 dark armor, enchanted weapons, and apples for combat

Unique Items:

  • Plague Head: Decorative item.
  • Plague Sword: Powerful weapon with enchantment capabilities.

Prepare yourself for an epic adventure filled with peril, challenges, and rewards as you dive into the DarkAge Bizarre mod in Minecraft!

Download mod (.mcaddon)

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