Mod Dinocraft (Dinosaurs) in Addon

Minecraft Dinocraft Mod: Bring Your World to Life with Dinosaurs!

🦕 Introduction:

  • Immerse yourself in the exciting world of dinosaurs with the Dinocraft mod for Minecraft. This mod adds several types of dinosaurs with their own animations, models, and behavior, turning them into captivating inhabitants of your gaming world.

🌎 Variety of Dinosaurs:

  • Dinocraft offers a variety of dinosaurs, each inhabiting its unique biome:

Brachiosaurus (Desert):

  • Summon command: /give @s da:bracheo_spawn_egg
  • Spawn command: /summon da:bracheo

Augustolophus (Savanna):

  • Summon command: /give @s da:augustolophus_spawn_egg
  • Spawn command: /summon da:augustolophus

Tylosaurus (Oceans):

  • Summon command: /give @s da:tylosaur_spawn_egg
  • Spawn command: /summon da:tylosaur

Triceratops (Bamboo Jungles):

  • Taming: Seeds
  • Rideable
  • Summon command: /give @s da:tricera_spawn_egg
  • Spawn command: /summon da:tricera

Spinosaurus (Plains):

  • Summon command: /give @s da:spiny_spawn_egg
  • Spawn command: /summon da:spiny

Tyrannosaurus Rex (Forests):

  • Health: 20
  • Summon command: /give @s da:trex_spawn_egg
  • Spawn command: /summon da:trex

Ankylosaurus (Savanna):

  • Health: 20
  • Summon command: /give @s da:ankylo_spawn_egg
  • Spawn command: /summon da:ankylo

🔥 Dinosaurs in Action:

  • Each dinosaur species has unique features and behavior, making encounters with them exciting and diverse. Familiarize yourself with each type before embarking on exploration.

🌟 Bring Your World to Life:

  • Dinocraft breathes life into your world, filling it with stunning dinosaurs. Interacting with these ancient creatures will turn your game into an exciting adventure.

🦖💢 Conclusion:

  • Dinocraft not only adds dinosaurs to Minecraft but also provides an opportunity to dive into the exciting world of prehistoric creatures. Treat each dinosaur with respect, explore their unique characteristics, and create unique stories in your Minecraft world with this captivating mod!


Download mod (.mcaddon)

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