Mod  Dinosaurs (Halloween Dinosaurs) in Addon

Unleash Spooky Dinosaurs with the Halloween Expansion (Dino) Mod! 🎃🦖

👻 Introduction:

  • Explore the darker side of Minecraft PE with the “Halloween Expansion” mod, introducing a chilling collection of prehistoric creatures that have embraced the spirit of Halloween. Unravel the mysteries of these uniquely themed dinosaurs and witness the spookier side of the prehistoric world.

🦕 Meet the Halloween Dinosaurs:

  • 🎃 Diabloceratops:
    • Exotic ceratopsid species adorned with horns on the top of the head.
    • Taming: Pumpkins for kids, wheat, and apples for adults.
  • 💀 Erlikosaurus:
    • Impressive dinosaurs boasting unique textures and behavior.
    • Taming: Pumpkins for kids, wheat, and apples for adults.
  • 🧟 Barboldia:
    • The most dangerous hadrosaur of incredible size, often facing predator attacks.
    • Taming: Pumpkins for kids, wheat, and apples for adults.
  • 🕷️ Kulaburgiania:
    • A hybrid of Kulasuhus and Aramburgiania with a terrifying scream.
    • Cannot be tamed, but can be ridden.
  • 🦇 Lateniventariks:
    • Small but deadly killing machines available in volcanic, sapphire, and demonic variants.
    • Taming: Meat for babies.
  • 🕸️ Araneo:
    • Enormous arthropods offering two scary variants.
    • Taming: Meat.
  • 🌑 Onyx:
    • One of the first vampires with echolocation abilities, bringing chaos to the night world.
  • 🔥 Dodorex:
    • The most dangerous creature, a hybrid of Dodo and Tyrannosaurus possibly capable of shooting fire.
    • Taming: Meat.

🌌 Spooky Atmosphere:

  • 🌙 Embrace the Night: These Halloween-themed dinosaurs fill the Minecraft PE world with an eerie atmosphere, adding an element of surprise and excitement.

👹 Conclusion:

  • The “Halloween Expansion” mod transforms the prehistoric landscape of Minecraft PE into a spooky haven, where dinosaurs wear the costumes of Halloween. Dive into the darkness, encounter these unique creatures, and witness the fusion of Halloween and the prehistoric world. Unleash the frightful fun and celebrate the spirit of Halloween with these chilling dinosaurs! 🎃🦖👻
Download mod (.mcaddon)

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