Mod Dinosaurs of Kem Kem in Addon

Dinosaurs of Kem Kem Mod: Unleash Prehistoric Beasts in Minecraft!

Welcome to the Dinosaurs of Kem Kem mod, where the ancient creatures of the early Cretaceous period roam the lands of Minecraft. Journey back in time to northern Africa and encounter a diverse array of majestic dinosaurs. Let’s explore the fascinating roster of prehistoric beings awaiting your discovery:

πŸ¦– Spinosaurus:

  • Found in rivers and swamps
  • Taming: Cooked baby cod
  • Feeding: raw cod
  • Can be ridden and swim
  • Can lay eggs
  • Tamed after reaching a certain growth stage

πŸ¦– Carcharodontosaurus:

  • Top predator, hunts everything
  • Taming: Cooked beef in childhood
  • Feeding: raw beef
  • Can be ridden
  • Can lay eggs

πŸ¦– Deltadrome:

  • Fast and agile
  • Taming: Cooked baby cod
  • Feeding: raw cod
  • Can be ridden after reaching maturity

🐊 Araripesuchus:

  • Frantic attackers
  • Harmless to players
  • Found in various biomes
  • Taming: Cooked baby cod
  • Feeding: raw cod

🐊 Kronosaurus Boyacensis:

  • Cannot be tamed, but can be befriended with cooked cod as a child
  • Can carry passengers but lacks direction control

πŸ¦– Rugops:

  • Eats other dinosaur eggs
  • Taming: Cooked baby cod
  • Feeding: raw cod

πŸ¦• Rebbachisaurus:

  • Peaceful unless provoked
  • Taming: Hay
  • Feeding: wheat

This mod brings a total of 17 dinosaur species to Minecraft, with more planned for the future. Immerse yourself in the world of prehistoric giants, tame them, and embark on thrilling adventures across the ancient landscapes of Kem Kem. Are you ready to encounter these magnificent creatures? πŸŒΏπŸ¦•πŸ¦–

Download mod (.mcaddon)

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