Mod Dinosaurs: Prehistoric world in Addon

Welcome to the Prehistorica Mod!

Prepare to journey back in time to an era ruled by colossal dinosaurs with the Prehistorica mod. This captivating add-on introduces a diverse array of prehistoric creatures to the Minecraft world. Let’s explore the fascinating roster of dinosaurs awaiting discovery:

🦖 Gallimus damask:

  • Resembles a chicken
  • Friendly but attacks when provoked

🦕 Edmontosaurus anectens:

  • Small, friendly creatures

🦖 Velociraptor:

  • Small but extremely dangerous
  • Aggressive nature

🦖 Utahraptor:

  • The most dangerous predator
  • Comparable in size to an adult human

🦖 Tyrannosaurus rex:

  • Aggressive towards all entities
  • Possesses a deadly jaw capable of shredding anything
  • One of the most famous dinosaurs

🦕 Spinosaurus:

  • Aquatic dinosaur
  • Tail aids in swimming
  • Aggressive and dangerous in water

🦕 Brachiosaurus:

  • One of the largest dinosaurs
  • Attacks when provoked

🦕 Diplodocus:

  • Giant dinosaur with a long neck for defense
  • Attacks when provoked

🦖 Dilophosaurus:

  • Resembles birds
  • Possesses a powerful jaw
  • Dangerous predator

Embark on an epic adventure as you encounter these awe-inspiring creatures from Earth’s distant past. Explore the Minecraft world, tame dinosaurs, and navigate encounters with some of the most iconic creatures to have ever walked the planet. Will you survive the prehistoric world of Prehistorica? 🌴🦕🌋

Download mod (.mcaddon)
Download textures for mod (.mcaddon)

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