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🔥 Dangerous Elmo in Minecraft!

Get ready to encounter the legendary red and fluffy Elmo from The Muppet Show, but this time he’s not so friendly. With the Elmo’s mod for Minecraft, Elmo becomes a mob ready to attack the player at the first opportunity.

This boss has three stages, and with each one, he becomes even stronger:

  1. Red Elmo
  2. Burning Elmo
  3. Immortal Elmo (on the third stage)

Even if Elmo becomes immortal, you still have a chance to defeat him:

3rd stage of the Elmo battle:

  • Call upon the power of the Cookie Monster, who can kill Elmo with one powerful blow.
  • Before he becomes your ally, tame him with a Cookie.

Cookie Monster Craft:

  • Use a special Cookie to tame him and make him your loyal ally.

Beware, Elmo can drop valuable items that will help you craft unique elements in Minecraft! 🍪🔥

Embark on an Epic Battle:
Face the challenge of the three-stage Elmo boss battle, where strategy and skill are key. Tame the mighty Cookie Monster and unleash his power to triumph over the once-friendly Muppet turned formidable adversary.

Craft and Conquer: Gather valuable drops from the defeated Elmo boss to craft unique items, unlocking new possibilities and enhancing your Minecraft experience. Brace yourself for an intense adventure in the blocky universe! 🍪⚔️

Download mod (.mcaddon)

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