Mod Final Dinosaur Battle in Addon

The JWD Final Battle Dinosaurs mod introduces three formidable dinosaurs into Minecraft, transforming your world into a challenging and thrilling environment. Here’s what you can expect from these prehistoric giants:

🦖 Giganotosaurus

  • Health: 200 units
  • Damage: 10 units
  • Spawn: Found worldwide across Minecraft
  • The Giganotosaurus is a colossal creature with immense health and moderate damage capabilities. Encounter this formidable dinosaur as it roams the Minecraft landscape, creating intense survival challenges.

🦖 Therizinosaurs

  • Health: 160 units
  • Damage: 12 units
  • Spawn: Found worldwide in Minecraft
  • These dinosaurs are formidable with substantial health and attack power. Encounter them throughout your Minecraft world, where they will engage in combat with other mobs and animals.

🦖 Tyrannosaurus

  • Health: 180 units
  • Damage: 12 units
  • Spawn: Distributed worldwide within Minecraft
  • The Tyrannosaurus is a fearsome predator, boasting high health and formidable damage output. Encounter this iconic dinosaur across various biomes, adding excitement and danger to your survival.

Prepare yourself for epic battles and intense survival scenarios with the addition of these powerful dinosaurs from the JWD Final Battle Dinosaurs mod. Navigate through your Minecraft world cautiously, as these giants engage in combat and reshape the landscape of your gameplay!

Download mod (.mcaddon)

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