Mod Godzilla Greatest Enemies in Addon

Godzilla’s Greatest Enemies Mod: Face the Ultimate Titans in Minecraft

Experience epic confrontations with the Godzilla’s Greatest Enemies mod for Minecraft. This mod introduces some of the most formidable adversaries from the Godzilla universe into your game. It also includes several Godzilla variants and powerful weapons, giving you a chance to fight these colossal beings on equal terms.

Monstrous Enemies:

  • Destroyer:
    • Health: 1,890,000 units
    • Attack: 38,000 units
    • Horn Strike: 100,000 units
    • Oxygen Beam: 38,000 units
    • Special Feature: Strengthens after death

Shin Destroyer:

  • Health: 77,700,000 units
  • Attack: 580,000 units
  • Horn Strike: 950,000 units
  • Super Oxygen Beam: 989,500 units
  • Chest Beam: 8,995,500 units
  • Special Feature: Stronger but cannot regenerate

Space Godzilla:

  • Health: 1,990,000 units
  • Attack: 38,000 units
  • Crystal Attack: 18,000 units
  • Corona Beam: 37,000 units
  • Super Corona Beam: 41,000 units
  • Special Feature: Strengthens after death

Charged Space Godzilla:

  • Health: 2,750,000 units
  • Attack: 40,000 units
  • Crystal Attack: 18,000 units
  • Super Corona Beam: 41,000 units
  • Lightning Beam: 40,000 units
  • Special Feature: Enhanced version


  • Health: 1,790,000 units
  • Attack: 37,200 units
  • Vine Attack: 37,200 units
  • Pull Attack: 18,000 units
  • Bite: 45,000 units
  • Poison Beam: 38,000 units
  • Special Feature: Transforms into Form-1 upon death, which can fill an area with poison within a 200-block radius.

Essential Equipment:

  • Photon Armor:
    • The only armor capable of withstanding titan attacks.
    • Crafting Requirements: Nether stars, netherite ingots, and end crystals for photon ingots. Additionally, you’ll need photon stars to complete the set.
  • Titan-Slaying Weapons:
    • Oxygen Sword: A weapon designed specifically to combat titans.
    • Super Oxygen Sword: An upgraded version that can defeat even the most powerful titans.

Battle Preparation:

  1. Gear Up: Equip your photon armor to survive the titanic assaults.
  2. Arm Yourself: Choose between the oxygen sword and the super oxygen sword to deliver devastating damage.
  3. Strategize: Plan your battles carefully, using the unique features of each enemy to your advantage.

Gameplay Features:

  • Epic Battles: Engage in intense fights with the most powerful monsters from the Godzilla universe.
  • Dynamic Combat: Experience varied combat scenarios with different enemy abilities and attack patterns.
  • Immersive Experience: Enjoy enhanced gameplay with realistic animations and sound effects.

Download the Godzilla’s Greatest Enemies mod today and become the ultimate titan slayer in Minecraft. Prepare for thrilling battles, powerful enemies, and unforgettable adventures!

Download mod (.mcaddon)

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