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🕷️ Experience the Terrifying World of Spiders with the More Spiders Mod!

Prepare yourself for an arachnophobic nightmare as the More Spiders mod invades Minecraft PE, bringing with it a horde of new spider variants to haunt your every move. Brace yourself as biomes and landscapes become infested with these eight-legged horrors, forever altering the peaceful tranquility of your world.

🕸️ Expanded Spider Kingdom:

  • The Kingdom of Spiders expands its dominion, swiftly populating every biome and location with a multitude of new spider mobs. Be vigilant, for danger lurks around every corner.

🕷️ Diverse Spider Models:

  • Over 30 new spider models entangled in webs await your encounter. From villagers and zombies to iron golems and even endermen, no creature is spared from the spider’s clutches. Each mob is meticulously designed with both living and dead models, intensifying the horror of their presence.

🌐 Enhanced Web Aesthetics:

  • Experience the eerie beauty of spider webs with new shades added to the game. From white and yellow to violet and silver, each web color adds depth to the spider-infested landscapes.

🕸️ Perilous Encounters:

  • Traverse the End dimension, where Ender spiders lurk, dropping their eyes and purple threads upon defeat. Meanwhile, cunning pumpkin spiders await pumpkin enthusiasts in plains and forests, adorned with a pumpkin on their backs.

🔥 Infernal Nether Spiders:

  • Descend into the Nether biome, where magma spiders and zombie pigman spiders reign supreme, instilling fear in even the bravest of adventurers.

❄️ Frozen Terrors:

  • Brace yourself for the chilling presence of snow spiders in snowy biomes, attacking in relentless groups, turning unwary travelers into frozen prey.

🐾 Tameable Spiders:

  • Discover tameable spiders awaiting your command. Use prepared spider eyes to tame these creatures, painting them in your preferred colors and turning them into loyal companions.

🔴⚫ Obsidian Spiders:

  • Encounter the formidable obsidian and red obsidian spiders, adding a new layer of danger to your Minecraft adventures.

Venture forth into the perilous world of Minecraft PE with the More Spiders mod, where every corner holds the promise of arachnid terror. Are you ready to face the eight-legged horrors that await? 🕷️🕸️

Download mod (.mcaddon)

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