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Dive into the World of NoxAnimals Mod!

Experience a menagerie of peculiar and captivating creatures with the NoxAnimals mod for Minecraft. From rivers to jungles, these unique animals bring a touch of wonder to every corner of the blocky world. Let’s meet the intriguing inhabitants introduced by this mod:

🦐 Shrimp

  • Found swimming in rivers

🦩 Flamingo

  • Enjoys feasting on shrimp


  • Fond of algae and sea grass

Red Panda

  • Spawns in Jungles and Bamboo Forests
  • Can be bred using bamboo

🦝 Coati

  • Can be bred using berries

🦜 Toucan

  • Found in forests
  • Can be tamed using seeds
  • Comes in 3 variations

🐾 Tapir

  • Can be bred using tall grass

🐟 Piranha

  • Swims in rivers
  • Extremely dangerous fish

🦋 Butterflies

  • Fluttering among flowers in forests

Each of these creatures adds a dash of charm and fascination to your Minecraft world, making exploration even more delightful. Whether you’re observing the graceful movements of the flamingo or marveling at the vibrant hues of the butterflies, there’s always something new to discover with the NoxAnimals mod!

Embark on an adventure filled with whimsical encounters and vibrant wildlife, and let your imagination soar with the NoxAnimals mod in Minecraft! 🌟🐾

Download mod (.mcaddon)

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