Mod Phantom Skeletons in Addon

Unearth Mystical Mayhem: Skeletons Reimagined in the Phantom Skeletons Addon!

Ready to inject some spine-tingling chills into your Minecraft world? Dive into the Phantom Skeletons addon, where familiar foes get a spooky makeover! These spectral variants seamlessly blend into the landscape, offering fresh challenges and encounters that echo the vanilla skeletons but with a mystical twist.

Encounter Eerie Variants:

  • Brute Skeleton: Towering and robust, this bone-club-wielding behemoth packs a punch! Prepare for a thrilling test of your combat skills as you face their enhanced strength and resilience.
  • Skeleton Knight: Clad in shimmering spectral armor and armed with a razor-sharp blade, this agile warrior dances with deadly precision. Be wary of their lightning-fast strikes and strategic maneuvers.
  • Skeleton Peasant: Not all skeletons crave battle. Witness the humbler side with these shovel-wielding laborers, who add a touch of macabre charm to your villages. But don’t let their tools fool you – their sheer numbers can be overwhelming!
  • Skeleton Wizard: Masters of the arcane, these spellcasters unleash mystical attacks to thwart any trespasser. Brace yourself for bone-chilling projectiles and bone-rattling summons that add a layer of magical chaos to your encounters.

Unleash Spectral Mayhem:

  • Ethereal Arrows: Phantom Archers now fire spectral arrows that can apply a haunting effect on players, amplifying the excitement and dynamism of each battle.
  • Blurred Lines: Prepare for a realm where life and unlife intertwine as you face these captivating skeleton variants.

Will you conquer these chilling creatures or succumb to their mesmerizing presence? Download the Phantom Skeletons addon and enter a Minecraft adventure reimagined with spine-tingling thrills!

Bonus Features:

  • Version Compatibility: Choose the perfect patch for your Minecraft world.
  • Changelog Highlights: New Ethereal Arrows for an extra layer of challenge with the Skeleton Wizard!
Download mod (.mcaddon)
Download textures for mod (.mcaddon)

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