Mod Police Vehicles in Addon

Calling All Minecraft Protectors: Activate Your Sirens with Police Vehicles Mod, Police Car, Police Pickup Truck, Police Motorcycle, Prisoner Transport Truck, Police Helicopter, Police Boat!

Ready to patrol your pixelated streets, solve blocky crimes, and uphold justice in style? The Police Vehicles mod empowers you with an epic fleet of six meticulously crafted law enforcement vehicles, each ready to amplify your Minecraft adventures.

Here’s a rundown of the incredible vehicles at your disposal:

  • Police Car: Cruise the streets in this iconic symbol of authority, boasting room for four officers and a satisfying speed of 0.35 blocks per second.
  • Police Pickup Truck: Need extra cargo space for evidence gathering or supply runs? This trusty steed offers two seats, a handy 27-unit inventory, and the same swift speed as the police car.
  • Police Motorcycle: Chase down fleeing suspects or navigate tight alleyways with this agile two-wheeler, clocking in at a speedy 0.4 blocks per second.
  • Prisoner Transport Truck: Keep those blocky baddies securely contained in this spacious 12-seater, perfect for maintaining order and ensuring justice is served.
  • Police Helicopter: Take your patrols to the skies and survey your Minecraft realm from above with this versatile chopper, capable of seating five officers and reaching a thrilling speed of 0.6 blocks per second.
  • Police Boat: Patrol those pristine waterways and keep your coasts safe with this nautical patroller, accommodating four officers and maintaining a steady 0.35 blocks per second speed.

Acquiring Your Fleet:

  • Discover Hidden Treasures: Unearth these vehicles in chests tucked away within police stations, scattered across your Minecraft world.
  • Craft Your Own Justice: Feeling resourceful? Assemble these vehicles yourself using a special crafting machine and a variety of materials, each vehicle requiring its own unique recipe.

Hitting the Road (or Skies, or Seas):

  • Hop In and Take Control: To activate a vehicle, simply approach it and click that right mouse button. The WASD keys transform you into a master of pixelated patrol, navigating your chosen vehicle with ease.

Whether you’re roleplaying as a dedicated officer, embarking on thrilling rescue missions, or simply seeking a stylish way to explore your Minecraft world, the Police Vehicles mod delivers an unforgettable experience. Embrace your inner protector, activate those sirens, and let justice prevail in your blocky realm!


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