Mod Prehistoric Era Dinosaur in Addon

Embark on a Jurassic Adventure with Prehistoric Plus – Dinosaur Mod in Minecraft PE! 🦖🌋

🦕 Discover the World of Dinosaurs:

  • The Prehistoric Plus – Dinosaur mod transforms your Minecraft PE experience by introducing dinosaurs and their remains into the game. Get ready to explore a world filled with prehistoric wonders!

🌐 Two Exciting Modes:

  • Explorer Mode: In this mode, you take control, spawning creatures by searching for remains and creating spawn eggs. You become the architect of your prehistoric world.
  • Naturalist Mode: Let the world unfold on its own as creatures spawn naturally. Watch as dinosaurs roam the land and water without your intervention.

🍖 Kompa Meat:

  • Hunt, cook, and savor the taste of Kompa meat. Turn your Minecraft adventure into a survival challenge with this delicious addition to your culinary options.

💀 Discover Remains:

  • Remains Generation: Explore the Minecraft world to discover remains generated at levels 20-200. Mesa, Deserts, and Rivers are hotspots for these ancient artifacts.
  • Marine Fossil: Unearth marine fossils and sea creature skulls. They appear in seas, beaches, and are generated at levels 20-200.
  • Bird Fossil: Delve into the world of birds with fossilized skulls. These can be found in seas, beaches, and are generated at levels 70-250.

🧬 Essence Egg & Incubator:

  • Utilize Essence Eggs containing the DNA of creatures. Use the incubator to bring these prehistoric beings to life. Manage the delicate balance between discovery and creation.

Electric Fence for Containment:

  • Keep your prehistoric creatures in check with electric fences. Create enclosures to ensure the safety of your Minecraft world.

🔒 Reinforced Glass for Security:

  • Strengthen your enclosures with reinforced glass. Maintain security while observing these majestic creatures in their habitats.

🛠️ Brush for Remains:

  • The brush for remains is your tool for unearthing prehistoric secrets. Use it to unravel the mysteries hidden within the Minecraft world.

🔗 Download the Mod:

  • Ready to embark on a Jurassic adventure? Download the Prehistoric Plus – Dinosaur mod and witness the resurrection of ancient creatures in Minecraft PE.

🌋 Create Your Own Jurassic Park:

  • Whether you’re a hands-on explorer or prefer the natural order, this mod brings a Jurassic Park experience to Minecraft PE. Explore, create, and survive in a world teeming with prehistoric life! 🦕🌐
Download mod (.mcaddon)

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