Savannah Update in Addon

Unearth the Untamed Beauty of the Savannah Mod!

Minecraft’s savanna biome just got a whole lot wilder! Enter the Savannah mod by WanUpdate, where the sun-drenched plains come alive with a menagerie of exotic creatures boasting unique behaviors and stunning models.

Brace yourself for thrilling encounters:

  • Towering giraffes, gentle giants who offer saplings or seeds in exchange for leafy treats.
  • Cackling hyenas, opportunistic scavengers who crave bones and rotten flesh and might even attack the unwary.
  • Majestic elephants, neutral giants that can be tamed with peanuts and ridden like majestic steeds. They even have inventories for carrying your loot!

But the adventure doesn’t stop there!

  • Uncover hidden secrets: Propagate rare peanut plants to unlock new possibilities and expand your savannah experience.
  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant ecosystem: Witness playful meerkats sunning themselves, zebras grazing on the plains, and lions stalking their prey in the tall grass.
  • Craft your own savannah story: Whether you seek peaceful coexistence with these fascinating creatures or thrilling encounters with the fiercer ones, the Savannah mod lets you tailor your adventure.

The Savannah mod is more than just a collection of animals – it’s an invitation to explore a vibrant and dynamic world full of wonder and excitement. Download it today and unleash the untamed beauty of the savanna in your Minecraft experience!

Download Savannah mod (.mcaddon)

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