Mod Skibidi toilet vs Cameraman in Addon

Mod Skibidi toilet vs Cameraman

šŸš½Skibidy Toilets vs Cameraman: New Mod for MinecraftšŸš½
The popular series Skibidi toilet continues to gain popularity, and mod developers are not lazy to create various additions on this topic. The Skibidi toilet vs Cameraman build adds tons of new mobs and items to Minecraft based on the series.

The mod features 12 new mobs, including:
-Skibidi Toilets: Normal mobs that are aggressive towards players.
-Toilet Skibidis: Stronger mobs that wear armor.
-Steve Skibidy Toilet: Mobs as Steve, who is obsessed with the toilet.
-Skibidy Toilet Mutant: Stronger mobs that have extra attacks.
-Skibidi Toilet Spider: Mobs that can climb walls.
-Skibidi toilet angel: mobs that can fly.
-Four-Headed Skibidi Toilet: Mobs with four heads.
-Triple Skibidi Toilet: Mobs that consist of three separate toilets.
-Cameraman: Neutral mobs that can attack players if they attack them.
-Plunger Cameraman: Stronger mobs that can use plungers to attack.

The mod also adds several new items including:
-Ruined Camera: An item that drops from Cameramen and can be used to tame Skibidi Toilets.
-Ruined Speaker: An item that drops from radiomen.
-Toilet: An item that drops from skibidi toilets.
-Plunger: An item that can be used as a weapon in future versions of the mod.

Changes in the new version
The following changes were made in the new version of the mod:

-Changed textures and models of some mobs.
-Added new mobs, including TVmen and TVwomen.
-Added new items including plunger.
Try the new Skibidi toilet vs Cameraman mod and feel like a real fan of Skibidi toilets!šŸš½


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