Mod Spider-Man in Addon

Introducing the Spider-Man Mod for Minecraft Bedrock: Unleash Your Inner Superhero!

Prepare to swing into action with the Spider-Man mod for Minecraft Bedrock, bringing everyone’s favorite web-slinger and his iconic foes into the blocky world. Dive into the Marvel universe and take on the role of Spider-Man as you battle against a lineup of notorious villains. Here’s a glimpse of the characters included in this thrilling mod:

🕷️ Spider-Man (Peter Parker):

  • The legendary web-slinger with incredible agility and spider-like abilities

🔴 Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly):

  • A clone of Spider-Man with his own unique adventures and struggles

🖤 Black Cat (Felicia Hardy):

  • A cunning and agile thief with a complicated relationship with Spider-Man

Venom (Flash Thompson):

  • An infamous symbiote with a deep grudge against Spider-Man

💥 Doctor Octopus:

  • A brilliant scientist turned villain with mechanical tentacles

🦏 Rhino:

  • A formidable foe with superhuman strength and a thick hide

🕸️ Carnage:

  • The psychotic offspring of Venom, wreaking havoc with its symbiotic powers

🏜️ Sandman:

  • A villain capable of manipulating sand to deadly effect

🦎 Lizard:

  • A tragic scientist transformed into a reptilian monster


  • An expert in vibrational technology capable of generating powerful shockwaves

🦅 Vulture:

  • A cunning inventor equipped with a high-tech suit granting flight and formidable weaponry

🔪 Kraven the Hunter:

  • A skilled big-game hunter obsessed with capturing Spider-Man

💀 Green Goblin:

  • A maniacal mastermind wielding advanced technology and deadly weapons

🔴 Symbiote:

  • A malevolent alien entity seeking hosts to fuel its dark desires

👑 Kingpin:

  • A powerful crime lord controlling the criminal underworld with an iron fist

Immerse yourself in epic battles against these iconic villains and protect the city from their nefarious schemes. With updated textures and character voice acting, the Spider-Man mod delivers an authentic Marvel experience right in the heart of Minecraft Bedrock. Are you ready to embrace your inner superhero and face the ultimate challenge? 🌟🕸️🦸‍♂️

Download mod (.mcaddon)

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