Mod Vanill Animals in Addon

Unfurl the Untamed World with VanillAnimals!

Embrace the wild side of Minecraft Bedrock! The VanillAnimals mod expands your horizons with a menagerie of enchanting creatures from every corner of the globe. These vibrant animals aren’t just eye candy – they’re ready to interact, ride, tame, and even battle!

Discover a symphony of diverse life:

  • Leap across the plains with the mighty Australian kangaroo, its powerful legs propelling you across vast landscapes.
  • Face the ferocious roar of the African lion, a majestic predator with a fearsome bite (and impressive health).
  • Glide through the jungle canopy atop the sleek panther, its stealthy grace making you one with the shadows.
  • Navigate the treacherous waters with the fearsome crocodile, its powerful jaws and leathery hide demanding respect.
  • Evade the deadly embrace of the cobra, whose venomous kiss can spell instant doom.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there!

  • Befriend the gentle giants, the gorilla and orangutan, offering them treats to earn their trust and unlock their unique riding abilities.
  • Charm the playful capuchin and monkey companions, their mischievous antics adding a touch of whimsy to your journey.

VanillAnimals breathes life into the Minecraft world, enriching every biome with a vibrant tapestry of creatures. Each animal boasts unique appearances, behaviors, and characteristics, making every encounter a thrilling discovery.

Ready to embark on an unforgettable safari? Download VanillAnimals today and unleash the untamed world within!

Download Vanill mod (.mcpack)
Download textures for the Vanill mod (.mcpack)

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