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Immerse yourself in the historical drama of World War II within Minecraft Bedrock Edition with the Warfare 54 Addon (1.19). This addon takes players back to the WWII era, drawing inspiration from the acclaimed Flans Mod “Warfare 44” content pack to introduce over 30 meticulously detailed vehicles into your Minecraft world, all styled in authentic WWII designs. If you’ve enjoyed Flans Mod before, Warfare 54 promises a familiar and thrilling experience tailored specifically for Bedrock Edition.

Key Features:

Explore an extensive collection of vehicles representing the major powers of WWII. Currently, the addon includes vehicles from five countries:


  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Soviet Union
  • France


  • Germany

Authentic Design:
Each vehicle in the addon is meticulously crafted to mirror iconic WWII vehicles, ensuring an immersive and historically accurate experience.

Diverse Selection:
Discover a wide range of vehicles, including tanks, planes, trucks, and more, showcasing the technological marvels of the WWII era.

Ongoing Development:
While the addon currently features vehicles from five major powers, the development team is dedicated to expanding the content with additional countries and vehicles in future updates.

Realistic Gameplay:
Engage in intense battles and strategic warfare scenarios with these historically accurate vehicles, each offering unique capabilities and functions.

Multiplayer Compatibility:
Participate in multiplayer battles with friends using the Warfare 54 Addon, adding depth and excitement to cooperative gameplay.

Immersive Sound Effects:
Enjoy immersive sound effects that bring the vehicles to life, enhancing the overall WWII atmosphere within Minecraft.

Resource Pack Integration:
Easily integrate the addon with resource packs to enhance visual details, ensuring a visually stunning and authentic experience.

Battlefield Environment:
Transform your Minecraft world into a dynamic battlefield, with WWII-era vehicles roaming the terrain and engaging in epic combat.

Historical Accuracy:
The addon is dedicated to historical accuracy, meticulously researching and recreating each vehicle’s design and performance characteristics.

Experience the epic conflict of World War II with the Warfare 54 Addon, where history unfolds within the Minecraft universe!

Download mod (.mcaddon)

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