Mod Weapon: Set of Firearms in Addon

The IndoArsenal Weapon Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition introduces a diverse selection of firearms designed to enrich combat and gameplay. Explore a variety of intricately designed and functional weapons that enable effective engagement with adversaries:

Weapon Varieties:

Pindad SPG: This firearm offers formidable power and precision.

Crafting Machinery:

  • Use specialized crafting machinery to manufacture and personalize your weapons.

Ammunition Crafting:

  • Produce ammunition to maintain your firearms fully loaded and battle-ready.

Weapon Workshop:

  • Access a dedicated workshop to construct and customize your firearms.

With the IndoArsenal Weapon Mod, equip yourself with an array of firearms that inject a new level of excitement and strategy into your Minecraft Pocket Edition escapades. Engage foes from afar and assert dominance on the battlefield with these finely engineered weapons!

Additional Features:

Realistic Weapon Mechanics: Enjoy realistic weapon behavior and handling, adding depth and authenticity to your battles.

Weapon Customization: Tailor your firearms with various attachments and modifications for enhanced performance and personalization.

New Challenges: Encounter new challenges and scenarios that test your combat skills and strategic thinking.

Expanded Arsenal: Discover a growing collection of firearms with regular updates, expanding your options for tactical engagements.

Community Integration: Connect with a vibrant community of players to share tips, mods, and experiences related to IndoArsenal and Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Compatibility and Support: Benefit from ongoing updates and compatibility patches to ensure smooth integration with the latest versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

With these additional features, the IndoArsenal Weapon Mod elevates your Minecraft Pocket Edition adventures by offering a richer, more immersive combat experience. Embrace the excitement of wielding advanced weaponry and mastering new challenges in your virtual world!

Download mod (.mcaddon)
Download textures for mod (.mcaddon)

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