Creator of Minecraft Opens New Studio Bitshift Entertainment: Continuing the Minecraft Legacy

Marcus Persson, the creator of the popular game Minecraft, has delighted the gaming community once again by announcing the launch of his new studio called Bitshift Entertainment. Along with this significant step, he also unveiled the logo of his new creative venture.

According to Persson, the Bitshift Entertainment team is already hard at work on their first game. It promises to be something akin to a “retro-style” first-person roguelike, inspired by classics like Borderlands and Diablo.

A fresh screenshot of the game, presumably titled “Levers and Chests,” was also presented to the public. It showcases the potential style and atmosphere of the upcoming project.

Marcus Persson didn’t hesitate to mention that for the first pre-alpha version of the game, models of the Pinky Demon from the Voxel Doom mod for Doom were used. However, he also stated that an artist will be hired to create unique enemies for the game, as well as environmental textures.

Despite all the announcements, specific details about the game itself — such as the platforms it will be released on and the release date — have not been disclosed.

It’s also worth noting that filming for the Minecraft movie adaptation is currently underway, with Jack Black set to play the role of Steve. Recently, photos of “blocky” trees familiar to fans of the original game have surfaced online.

The movie is scheduled to premiere on April 4, 2025, with Jared Hess (“Napoleon Dynamite”) directing, although details of the plot remain under wraps.

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