Magic Towers: Battle Lands – New Level of Mysterious Towers

Game Overview

Magic Towers: Battle Lands” is an exciting Tower Defender game where players must strategically place towers to defend gates from hordes of monsters. Each defeated monster earns you mana, which can be used to upgrade and purchase new towers. Your goal is to survive the onslaught of monsters and progress to the next level.

Tower Purchase

One of the main features is the tower purchase button. This button allows you to buy one of five random towers, which you can then drag with your finger to the desired position on the level.

Enemy Spawn

Monsters will spawn from one end of the map and move towards the other end. They will come in waves, with each successive wave containing stronger monsters.

Star System

Players can earn up to three stars on each level, depending on their remaining health after completion. The more health remains, the more stars they will receive.

Upgrades for Stars

Using stars earned from completing levels, players can upgrade skills and towers. Stars can also be obtained through donations or by watching ads.


The game includes seven different skills that players can activate, such as:

  1. Time Stop
  2. Poisonous Storm
  3. Single-use Damage
  4. Lightning Strike
  5. Fire
  6. Freeze
  7. Falling Rocks


The game features various types of towers, including:

  1. Basic tower with medium firing rate
  2. Rapid-fire tower
  3. Tower that slows down enemies with a chance
  4. Tower that applies poison or fire damage upon hit
  5. Multi-target damage tower


Players will encounter a variety of monsters, including:

  1. Slow-moving monsters
  2. Fast-moving monsters
  3. Monsters with high survivability
  4. Large and powerful bosses


The game boasts a user-friendly interface with various menus:

  • Main menu with buttons for starting the game, exiting, and settings.
  • Biome selection menu with different biomes that unlock as you progress.
  • List of biome levels where players can choose levels to play.
  • Level menu with gameplay.
  • Loading screen between levels and menus.


“Magic Towers: Battle Lands” promises an engaging gameplay experience, a wide selection of strategies, and extraordinary graphics. Prepare for unparalleled adventures in the world of witches and sorcery. Join the battle and defend your gates from the monster invasion!

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