Mod Animals: ARCTIC in Addon

Introducing the ARCTIC mod, a frosty expansion for Minecraft that brings a whole new world of creatures and challenges to your gameplay. Let’s dive into what this exciting mod has in store:

Chilly Companions:

  • Penguin:
  • Where to Find: Cold beaches, frozen rivers, and oceans
  • Behavior: Steers clear of killer whales in water
  • Can be tamed and healed
  • Diet: Cod, Salmon, Tropical Fish
  • Seal:
  • Where to Find: Similar habitats as penguins
  • Behavior: Avoids polar bears and killer whales
  • Can be healed
  • Diet: Cod, Salmon, Tropical Fish
  • Polar Bear:
  • Where to Find: Thrives in all frozen biomes
  • Behavior: Wild polar bears hunt seals and foxes; adults protect cubs fiercely
  • Can be tamed (when young) and ridden
  • Tamed bears defend and attack enemies
  • Diet: Any raw meat
  • Muskox:
  • Where to Find: Roaming icy plains
  • Behavior: Adults defend against threats; young muskoxen are prey for wolves
  • Can be tamed and ridden
  • Diet: Wheat, Sweet Berries
  • Reindeer:
  • Where to Find: Cold taiga, groves, and icy plains
  • Behavior: Adult reindeer protect young; vulnerable to wolves
  • Can be tamed and ridden
  • Can be healed
  • Diet: Wheat, Leaves, Hay Bales
  • Snowy Owl:
  • Where to Find: Icy plains and cold taiga
  • Behavior: Hunts lemmings and foxes; protective when tamed
  • Can be tamed and healed
  • Diet: Lemmings, Fish (Cod, Salmon)
  • Snow Leopard:
  • Where to Find: Extreme hills and icy mountains
  • Behavior: Wild snow leopards prey on chickens, sheep, and goats
  • Can be tamed and healed
  • Diet: Raw and cooked meat
  • King Crab:
  • Where to Find: Cold and deep oceans
  • Behavior: Adults are aggressive; baby crabs can be captured with a bucket
  • Diet: Fish (Cod, Salmon, Tropical Fish, Nautilus Shell)
  • Killer Whale:
  • Where to Find: Cold oceans and deep waters
  • Behavior: Predates on seals and penguins
  • Diet: Fish, Raw Meat
  • Yeti:
    • Where to Find: Frozen and jagged peaks, underground
    • Behavior: Hostile to all mobs, including players
    • Drops Polar Bear Skin upon defeat

Frozen Finds:

  • Raw and Cooked Meat:
  • Harvested from arctic animals
  • Great for sustenance and crafting
  • Crab Cuisine:
  • Gathered from king crabs
  • Craft into delicious boiled crabs
  • Lemming Loot:
  • Found from lemings
  • Serves as owl sustenance
  • King Crab Capture:
  • Collect baby crabs using a special bucket
  • Polar Armor Set:
  • Includes Hood, Cloak, Pants, and Boots
  • Offers defense and unique effects, pacifying polar bears when worn completely

Frosty Features:

  • Diverse web shades for different environments
  • Unique behaviors and interactions tailored to each creature
  • Taming and riding mechanics for specific beasts
  • Craft polar bear skin into formidable armor
  • Realistic predator-prey dynamics amongst arctic wildlife

The ARCTIC mod transforms Minecraft into a frozen wonderland, teeming with fresh adventures, resources, and encounters in the icy domains. Brace yourself for thrilling escapades and discover a myriad of arctic wonders alongside these captivating creatures!

Download mod (.mcaddon)
Download textures for mod (.mcaddon)

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