Mod Equipment of the Philippine Army in Addon

The Philippine Army – 3D Gun Warpack mod for Minecraft adds an impressive array of military-themed items and gear to the game. Here’s a detailed overview of what this mod includes and how to use it:

Items Included:

  • Firearms:
  • 8 detailed firearms, modeled after real-life weapons
  • Each firearm uses corresponding real-life ammunition
  • Uniforms:
  • Two distinct Philippine Army uniforms
  • Provides a military look and feel for players
  • Philippine Flag:
  • A decorative item to showcase national pride


  • Detailed Models: Each firearm is intricately designed to mimic its real-world counterpart.
  • Realistic Ammunition: Every firearm requires the correct type of ammunition, adding to the realism.
  • Multiplayer Compatibility: The mod works seamlessly in multiplayer mode, allowing for team battles and cooperative gameplay.
  • Future Updates: The developer plans to add more items, expanding the military gear available.


  • /function help: Provides help and instructions on how to use the mod.
  • /function allguns: Gives the player all types of firearms available in the mod.
  • /function allammo: Provides the player with all types of ammunition.
  • /function clearlag: Clears all bullets from the game to reduce lag and maintain smooth gameplay.

Usage Tips:

  • Enable Experimental Options:
  • Before using the mod, ensure that Experimental Gameplay options are enabled in the map settings. This is crucial for the mod to function correctly.
  • Acquiring Items:
  • Use the /function allguns command to obtain all firearms at once.
  • Use the /function allammo command to gather all necessary ammunition.
  • Managing Lag:
  • If you experience lag due to numerous bullets in the game, use the /function clearlag command to clear them and improve performance.
  • Team Play:
  • Since the mod is multiplayer compatible, organize team-based battles or cooperative missions with friends for a more immersive experience.


The Philippine Army – 3D Gun Warpack mod enriches Minecraft with a military theme, offering players the opportunity to engage in realistic combat scenarios using detailed firearms and wearing authentic uniforms. With the promise of future updates, this mod is a great addition for fans of military-themed gameplay. Enjoy the strategic depth and immersive experience as you explore the world of Minecraft with a new arsenal at your disposal.

Download mod (.mcaddon)
Download mod (Automatic Reload) (.mcaddon)

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