Mod Animals of the late cretaceous in Addon

Journey Back to the Late Cretaceous with the Animals of the Late Cretaceous Mod

Step back in time to an era when truly formidable creatures roamed the Earth. With the Animals of the Late Cretaceous mod, you can experience the thrill of encountering giant dinosaurs from one of the last periods of the age of dinosaurs. This mod introduces 13 variants of these magnificent beasts into your Minecraft world, adding an exciting new dimension to your survival adventures.

Dinosaurs Included:

  1. Aerosteon riocoloradensis: A lightweight predator known for its pneumatic bones.
  2. Alioramus: A smaller relative of the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex with a unique skull structure.
  3. Aucasaurus Garridoi: A medium-sized carnivore with short arms and powerful legs.
  4. Barsboldia sicinensis: A large herbivorous dinosaur with distinctive back spines.
  5. Katopsbaatar katopsaloides: A small, nimble dinosaur known for its keen sense of smell.
  6. Centrosaurus apertus: An herbivore with a large frill and long horns.
  7. Gorgosaurus libratus: A formidable predator, closely related to the T. Rex.
  8. Meraxes Gigas: A newly discovered giant predator with massive jaws.
  9. Nemegtosaurus mongolian: A long-necked herbivore, perfect for grazing treetops.
  10. Plesiohadros Jadochtensis: A duck-billed dinosaur with a unique head crest.
  11. Tarbosaurus baatar: One of the largest predators, rivaling the T. Rex in size.
  12. Thescelosaurus: A small, bipedal herbivore known for its speed.
  13. Tyrannosaurus Rex: The king of the dinosaurs, a massive and terrifying predator.


  • Realistic Behaviors: Dinosaurs will exhibit realistic behaviors, including hunting, grazing, and sleeping.
  • Diverse Ecosystem: Encounter a variety of dinosaurs, each with unique characteristics and behaviors, creating a dynamic and engaging ecosystem.
  • Survival Challenge: The presence of these giant creatures adds a new level of challenge to your survival gameplay. Stay vigilant as you navigate the dangers of this prehistoric world.
  • Sleeping Dinosaurs: Occasionally, you might come across dinosaurs taking a nap, adding an element of surprise and strategy to your encounters.

How to Get Started:

  1. Install the Mod: Download and install the Animals of the Late Cretaceous mod from a trusted source.
  2. Explore and Encounter: Venture into your Minecraft world and explore different biomes to find these majestic creatures.
  3. Survive and Thrive: Adapt your survival strategies to coexist with or avoid these powerful dinosaurs, making your adventures even more thrilling.

Conclusion: The Animals of the Late Cretaceous mod transforms your Minecraft world into a prehistoric adventure, populated by some of the most incredible creatures to have ever walked the Earth. With 13 different dinosaurs to encounter, each with realistic behaviors and unique traits, this mod offers a truly immersive and challenging experience. Install the Animals of the Late Cretaceous mod today and embark on a journey through time in your Minecraft world!

Download mod (.mcaddon)

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