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Revive Prehistoric Giants with the Extinct Species Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Long-extinct creatures that once roamed the Earth are now only available in textbooks and museums. However, with the Extinct Species Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition, these incredible beings will once again walk the world, bringing the prehistoric era to your game. Dive into caves, gather remains, mine DNA, and breathe life into these majestic animals.

New Prehistoric Animals to Revive: The Extinct Species Mod introduces 22 fascinating creatures from different prehistoric periods. Here are some of the notable species you can bring back to life:

  • Anomalocaris: An ancient sea predator known for its unique feeding appendages and large, compound eyes.
  • Brachiosaurus: A towering herbivorous dinosaur with long necks, perfect for grazing treetops.
  • Cotylorhynchus: A massive, ancient reptile with a barrel-shaped body, known for its slow-moving lifestyle.
  • Giganotosaurus: One of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs, rivaling the T. Rex in size and ferocity.
  • Jakelopterus: A giant prehistoric sea scorpion, one of the largest arthropods to have ever lived.
  • Mongolarachne: A colossal spider species from ancient times, adding a new creepy-crawly to your world.
  • Pikaia: One of the earliest known chordates, providing a glimpse into the distant past of vertebrate evolution.
  • Spinosaurus: A large carnivorous dinosaur with distinctive spines on its back, perfect for prowling the rivers.
  • Titanomyrms: Ancient giant ants, bringing a new kind of swarm danger to Minecraft.
  • Queen Titanomyrma: The leader of the giant ants, formidable in size and strength.
  • Zalmox: Another incredible addition to your prehistoric zoo, showcasing the diversity of ancient life.

Features of the Mod:

  • Realistic Revival Process: Extract DNA from fossils, study genetics, and use modern technology to recreate these prehistoric animals.
  • Exploration and Adventure: Traverse caves and deserts to find fossilized remains and gather the necessary materials to bring these creatures back to life.
  • Diverse Ecosystem: Experience a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem with 22 new prehistoric animals, each with unique behaviors and traits.
  • Educational and Fun: Learn about ancient species and their habitats while enjoying the thrill of reviving them in your Minecraft world.

How to Get Started:

  1. Install the Mod: Download and install the Extinct Species Mod from a reliable source.
  2. Begin Your Quest: Explore caves and dig through the terrain to find fossils and remains.
  3. Extract DNA: Use the DNA extractor to collect DNA from fossils and store them in test tubes.
  4. Create Eggs and Skeletons: Use the extracted DNA to create dinosaur eggs and complete skeletons, either for hatching or as decorations.
  5. Revive Prehistoric Creatures: Hatch the eggs to bring these ancient giants back to life and watch them roam your Minecraft world.

Conclusion: The Extinct Species Mod offers a captivating blend of education and adventure, allowing you to experience the thrill of bringing long-extinct creatures back to life. With 22 unique animals to discover and revive, your Minecraft Pocket Edition world will be transformed into a prehistoric paradise. Install the Extinct Species Mod today and embark on an unforgettable journey through time!

Download mod (.mcaddon)

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