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Expansive Fantasy Mod: Master Dragons and Conquer the Skies!

Every Minecraft player dreams of having their own fire-breathing dragon to soar through the skies and vanquish enemies. With the Expansive Fantasy mod, this dream becomes a reality as you become the ultimate dragon master. Befriend mighty dragons to explore distant lands, obliterate dangerous foes, and rule the skies in Minecraft Bedrock. With hostile mobs abound, let’s dive into the mod’s features:

🐉 Dragons:

Extremely dangerous hostile mobs with four texture variants
Spawn on extreme hills
Approach with caution and equipped with sturdy armor and powerful weapons
Killing a dragon or wyvern will leave a dead body on the ground, requiring a special axe dropped by orcs to harvest resources
Using this axe has a 50% chance of obtaining a dragon or wyvern egg
Dragon eggs only hatch on special blocks and take five in-game days to hatch
Dragons can be tamed and fed with raw food; golden apples can produce offspring

🐉 Wyverns:

  • Similar to dragons, with three elemental variations: red (fire), blue (ice), and green (poison).
  • Approach with caution and strong armor and weapons.

🛡️ Dragon Eggs and Breeding:

  • Obtain dragon or wyvern eggs from their dead bodies using a special axe dropped by orcs.
  • Incubate eggs for five in-game days on specific blocks to hatch them.
  • Dragons prefer chicken as food, so keep them on a leash to prevent attacks.
  • Use a saddle to ride and control dragons.

🌊 Sea Serpent:

  • Improved behavior and two types of AI.
  • Drops special items upon death.

🌊 Angler:
The second most important mob, because without death it is impossible to start trading with orcs.

🦄 Pegasus:

  • Friendly mob found in plains or savannas.
  • Enjoys sleeping and spawning in peaceful biomes.

🦅 Griffins:

  • Formidable creatures resembling a lion-eagle hybrid.
  • Capable of summoning swift gusts of wind against enemies.

Important mobs are updated because they will drop useful items.

🔥 Dragonforge:

  • Craft various weapons and armor using recipes found below.
  • Sneak and use the delete button to remove items.

🏜️ Scorched Lands:

  • Biome where fire wyverns spawn.

Master the art of dragon taming and embark on thrilling adventures across Minecraft’s vast landscapes with the Expansive Fantasy mod! But remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Download mod (.mcaddon)

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