Mod Mythical Creatures in Addon

Mythical Creatures Come to Minecraft: Introduce Amazing Hazards!

The vast expanses of your blocky world are now filled with legendary creatures and monsters thanks to the Mythical Creatures mod for Minecraft. Discover mystical new biomes and be prepared to encounter the most terrifying and dangerous creatures imaginable. Here are just a few of them:

🐃 Minotaur:

  • Health: 150 units
  • Spawn: Nighttime in most biomes or caves
  • Attacks villagers, golems, and players
  • Damage: 10-25 units

🔥 Orc:

  • Health: 80 units
  • Spawn: Nighttime in forests
  • Attacks villagers, golems, and players
  • Damage: 15-20 units
  • Usually spawn in groups

🐉 Wyvern:

  • Health: 150 units
  • Spawn: Deserts, forests, and mountains
  • Can be tamed and healed
  • Inflicts deadly poison on attack

🏹 Centaur:

  • Spawn: Plains, savannas, and mountains
  • Two types of attacks: melee and ranged
  • Aggressive towards monsters, neutral towards players

🐍 Nessie:

  • Neutral towards players
  • Can be tamed and healed
  • Lives in rain, dies without water

🌕 Werewolf:

  • Trades during the day
  • Aggressive at night
  • Can transform into a human during the day

🔮 Necromancer:

  • Summons minions
  • Low health but dangerous in battle

Prepare for battle with mythical creatures and embark on new adventures in the world of Minecraft with the Mythical Creatures mod! Beware of dangers and awaken your inner hero to face these legendary beings.

Download mod (.mcaddon)
Download textures for mod (.mcaddon)

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