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Introducing the Ex-Mermaids Addon: Transform and Tame the Ocean’s Guardians!

Dive into the depths of Minecraft’s oceans with the Ex-Mermaids addon, introducing a captivating new mob: the mermaid. These enchanting beings spawn in ocean biomes, ready to be tamed and transformed with the help of mystical amulets. Let’s explore the fascinating details of this addon:

🧜 Mermaids:

  • Found in ocean biomes, these mystical creatures can be tamed using a nautilus.
  • Once tamed, they will faithfully follow you within the sea.
  • However, be mindful that mermaids can only breathe underwater.

🌀 Amulets:

  • Use iron or gold amulets to transform your mermaid companion into various beings.
  • The transformation options include harpies, lamias, humans, or reverting back to a mermaid.
  • Both amulets serve the same purpose, with the gold variant offering increased durability.

🔱 Crafting Amulets:

  • Combine materials to craft iron or gold amulets, providing you with the power to shape-shift your mermaid companion.

💇 Hairstyles:

  • Alter your mermaid’s appearance with different hairstyles using a comb.
  • Experiment with five unique hairstyle options to customize your mermaid’s look.

⚒️ Crafting Combs:

  • Craft iron or gold combs to style your mermaid’s hair, each offering varying durability.

🩹 Healing:

  • Keep your mermaid companion in top condition by healing her with a First Aid Kit.

👤 Characteristics:

  • Mermaid: Health: 80 units, Damage: 5 units, Breathing limited to water.
  • Human: Health: 80 units, Damage: 5 units, Breathes both underwater and on land.
  • Harpy: Health: 80 units, Damage: 5 units, Capable of flight.
  • Lamia: Health: 80 units, Damage: 5 units, Swift movement (feature not yet implemented).

With 24 different mermaid models and 480 potential combinations, the Ex-Mermaids addon offers endless possibilities for exploration and adventure beneath the waves of Minecraft. Embrace the magic of the ocean and embark on an unforgettable journey with your newfound mermaid companions! 🌊🧜‍♀️✨

Download mod (.mcaddon)

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