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Introducing the Fire and Blood Mod: Unleash Mythical Creatures and Conquer the Realm!

Embark on an epic adventure in Minecraft Pocket Edition with the Fire and Blood mod, inspired by the legendary book by George R. R. Martin. While the contents may differ from the literary inspiration, this mod is packed with thrilling features including formidable mobs, powerful items, and much more. Let’s delve into the exciting preview of this addon:

🐉 Red Dragon:

  • Spawn: Extreme Hills
  • Neutral unless provoked; may attack or remain passive.
  • Engage in combat up close or fend off their fiery breath from a distance.
  • Health: 100 units, Damage: 5 units
  • Drops: Dragon egg and bones

🥚 Dragon Egg:

  • Place it anywhere and wait for the dragon to hatch after 20 in-game minutes (1 day).
  • Tame hatched dragons with fish soup.
  • Dragons can be ridden once tamed, although flight is not yet enabled.

🐐 Mountain Goat:

  • Spawn: Extreme Hills
  • Tamed with hay, offering two variants: white and brown.
  • Slightly larger than ordinary goats, they can be ridden.
  • Health: 20 units, Damage: 3 units
  • Drops: Meat and wool

🐍 Basilisk:

  • Hostile mythical bird attacking players.
  • Tamed using wheat and can be bred with seeds.
  • Health: 40 units, Damage: 5 units
  • Drops: Chicken and basilisk feather

💀 Draugr:

  • Undead warriors seeking vengeance.
  • Similar to zombies but resistant to sunlight.
  • Occasionally equipped with weapons like the Draugr Sword or Silver Ax.
  • Health: 20 units, Damage: 3 units
  • Drops: Bones and various equipment

👹 Goblin:

  • Spawn: Taiga
  • Neutral until tamed with cooked chicken.
  • Health: 20 units, Damage: 4 units
  • Drops: Bones and other equipment

⚔️ Weapons and Armor:

  • Draugr Sword: Damage: 4 units, Dropped from Draugr, Enchantable
  • Silver Ax: Damage: 7 units, Dropped from Draugr, Enchantable
  • Chainmail: Crafting material for Viking armor
  • Viking Equipment: Durable armor for battle

🍯 Honey and Mead:

  • Honey in a bucket for crafting mead.
  • Hydromil: A potent drink providing health, absorption, and resistance.

🎒 Turtle Backpack:

  • Chest piece providing 4 defense, wearable by goblins.

With mythical creatures, powerful weapons, and intricate armor sets, the Fire and Blood mod promises an unforgettable journey through the realms of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Are you ready to face the fire and conquer the realm? 🔥🐉🛡️

Download mod (.mcaddon)

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