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Unleash the Unseen: Mythological Creatures Beta for Minecraft

Embark on an otherworldly odyssey with the Mythological Creatures Beta mod—an enthralling addition that beckons forth a diverse tapestry of fantastical beings into the very heart of Minecraft. This mod breathes life into an assortment of creatures steeped in the echoes of myths and legends, ushering in an era of the extraordinary within your Minecraft escapades.

Mystical Mobs Manifest:

  • Basilisk: Materializes in every biome under the cloak of the night.
  • Drake: Roams the frosty spike biomes, often gracing the presence of colossal icebergs.
  • Cerberus: Guardian of the Nether, awaiting audacious players.
  • Pixies: Inhabit enchanted forests, their presence casting a spell of magic.
  • Wendigo: Shadows of the night, lurking beneath the canopy of trees.
  • Trolls: Subterranean dwellers, carving their abode in the labyrinthine caverns.

Daunting Trolls:

  • Crush any mob into a gruesome harvest. Consume their essence for fleeting strength and night vision.
  • Unique trait: Bathed in light, they transform into stone, their statues awaiting the miner’s pick.

Daring Drake:

  • In the beta phase; demise yields no spoils.
  • Tame with raw meat during paralysis, leaving them paralyzed courts their demise.
  • Spawns in icy biomes, particularly in the grandeur of iceberg-laden landscapes.

Majestic Hippocampi:

  • Graceful sea horses gracing ocean realms. Tame with sea kelp, transforming them into regal companions.
  • Drop scales, the alchemical ingredient for a potion of underwater breathing.

Seamlessly shift modes while riding the Hippocampus in water with a tap of the jump button.

Mischievous Basilisk:

  • Diminutive yet predatory chickens, playful yet sinister. Drop meat, a feast that demands the cauldron’s warmth to escape dire effects.

Wily Wendigo:

  • Spawns clones to assail players, a trophy head and claws their lingering legacy.

Whimsical Pixies:

  • Drop magical dust invoking levitation. Collect full wings for the gift of ethereal flight.

Cerberus, Guardian of the Nether:

  • True sentinel of the Nether. Claim its head to instill fear in the hearts of other mobs.

Mighty Minotaur:

  • A future lair awaits. Four attack forms, robust health, and a legendary axe that weaves slow steps into mighty strikes.


  • Operational with a few enchanting quirks.

Mystical Forge:

  • The crucible for crafting mod materials.

Enchanting Recipes:

  1. Luke’s Sword
  2. Drake Armor
  3. Potion of Immunity to Slowness

Embark on an ethereal journey with the Mythological Creatures Beta mod, where the line between reality and legend blurs, and Minecraft transforms into a realm of enigma and wonder!

Download mod (.mcaddon)

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