Mod Variety of mobs in Addon

Bring your Minecraft world to life with the Mobs Plus extension! This mod introduces new variations of mobs that make survival even more exciting. Spiders, skeletons, and even horses will now have additional types, making the game more diverse. Naturally, each new type of creature will possess unique behaviors and characteristics.

Ifrit Spider:

  • A fiery spider capable of overwhelming you with its scorching atmosphere.

Guardian Spider:

  • A spider that patrols its territory and detects enemies.

Witch Spider:

  • A spider imbued with magical powers and unexpected tricks.

Turtle Spider:

  • A teleporting spider that selects the optimal place for attack.

Desert Spider:

  • A spider from the desert capable of inflicting hunger on its foes.

Mushroom Spider:

  • A spider with the microclimate of a mushroom forest.

Skeleton Spider:

  • A skeletal spider with an impressive appearance.

Winter Spider:

  • A spider adapted to cold conditions, surviving in snowy biomes.

Wither Spider:

  • A terrifying spider that can drain the life force from its enemies.

Ifrit Skeleton:

  • A skeleton that shoots fiery spheres.

Guardian Skeleton:

  • A skeleton that can inflict weakness on its opponents.

Witch Skeleton:

  • A witch-like skeleton with magical abilities.

Wither Skeleton:

  • A menacing skeletal figure with withering powers.

Mobs Plus enhances the Minecraft experience, introducing a variety of creatures to your blocky world. Encounter these new mobs and get ready for thrilling adventures in your pixelated universe!

Discover the excitement of a dynamically changing game world with Mobs Plus! Install the mod now and immerse yourself in the captivating diversity of Minecraft. Unearth the hidden secrets and face unprecedented challenges with these new and unique mob variations!

Download textures for mod (.mcaddon)
Download mod (.mcaddon)

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