Mod Prehistoric Dinosaurs in Addon

Introducing the Prehistoric Vanilla Mod: Explore the Ancient World of Dinosaurs in Minecraft!

Embark on an exciting journey through time with the Prehistoric Vanilla mod for Minecraft! Dive into the fascinating world of dinosaurs and encounter majestic creatures from Earth’s distant past. Here’s what awaits you in this thrilling mod:

Absalomichthys: These ancient fish roam the warm oceans of Minecraft, adding life to underwater environments. Catch them in a bucket for a closer look!

🦖 Diplocaul: Found in the depths of the oceans, Diplocauls are aggressive hunters that prey on smaller fish. Beware when swimming in their territory!

🦖 Celophysis: Encounter these fearsome predators in the savannahs, mesas, and deserts of Minecraft. They’re aggressive towards players, so approach with caution!

🐉 Pliosaurus: These massive aquatic reptiles inhabit the cold oceans, posing a threat to dolphins, polar bears, and unwary players. Push them back into the water to temporarily pacify them and receive a gift in return!

🦕 Pachycephalosaurus: Roaming the forests and plains, Pachycephalosaurs can be tamed like horses. Ride them with a saddle, store items in a chest, and watch them graze on grass!

🦖 Velociraptor: Encounter these agile predators in the forests of Minecraft. Tame them with rabbit’s paws and watch them regenerate health with each kill!

Pteranodon: Take to the skies with the Pteranodon, found in mountains and rocky beaches. Feed them fish, grab their legs, and soar through the air for a unique aerial experience!

🦎 Mononkyus: Discover these desert-dwelling creatures, passive unless provoked. Give them cooked spider eyes to watch them dig for treasures!

🦖 Compsognathus: These small, passive dinosaurs can be found in various biomes. Keep an eye out for them as they scavenge for food!

With the Prehistoric Vanilla mod, Minecraft becomes a vibrant world teeming with ancient creatures waiting to be discovered. From the depths of the oceans to the heights of the mountains, adventure awaits as you explore the rich diversity of prehistoric life!

Download mod (.mcaddon)

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