News: Redstone Creativity: Building Tetris in Minecraft

A Creative Minecraft Player Constructs a Fully Working Tetris Game Using Redstone

In the expansive and procedurally generated realms of Minecraft by Mojang, players have endless possibilities for exploration and creation. Yet, it’s often the innovative and imaginative projects that captivate both fellow players and gaming enthusiasts.

Recently, a Reddit user known as mattbatwings2 unveiled an impressive creation: a complete rendition of the classic game Tetris ingeniously built within the Minecraft universe.

The showcased video reveals an authentic replication of Tetris, featuring a towering game board, falling geometric shapes, and even a functioning score counter.

Tetris in Minecraft – Check out the Video

What’s truly remarkable is that mattbatwings2 accomplished this feat without relying on extensive mods. Instead, the project utilizes a custom texture pack solely to capture the iconic visuals of Tetris. All the gameplay mechanics, however, are meticulously constructed using elements available within the “vanilla” version of Minecraft: redstone, pistons, torches, and repeaters.

For those eager to embark on a similar venture, mattbatwings2 has pledged to provide a comprehensive, step-by-step guide in the near future.

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