Mod Simple Capybaras in Addon

Introducing Simple Capybaras Addon: Your Newest Minecraft Companions!

Experience the charm of these adorable creatures with the Simple Capybaras addon for Minecraft! These gentle giants are now available in the game, ready to accompany you on your adventures and bring joy to your virtual world. Here’s what you can expect from this delightful addition:

🌿 Rideable Capybaras: Saddle up and ride these lovable creatures across the landscapes of Minecraft. With a saddle and some tall grass, you’ll be able to embark on exciting journeys with your trusty Capybara companion by your side.

👪 Breedable Families: Create your own Capybara families by breeding these friendly animals. With tall grass to encourage breeding, you can watch as adorable Capybara pups join their parents in playful adventures.

🌎 Versatile Spawning: Capybaras spawn in all biomes, making them a familiar sight no matter where your Minecraft travels take you. Whether you’re exploring lush forests, rolling plains, or even icy tundras, you’re sure to encounter these peaceful creatures.

🌱 Peaceful Companions: Capybaras are peaceful creatures that pose no threat to players or other mobs. They spend their days grazing on grass and basking in the sunlight, adding a touch of tranquility to the Minecraft world.

With the Simple Capybaras addon, you’ll discover a new level of companionship and charm in Minecraft. Whether you’re riding through picturesque landscapes, starting your own Capybara family, or simply enjoying the company of these gentle giants, the world of Minecraft is brighter and more delightful with Capybaras by your side.

Download mod (.mcaddon)

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