Discover the New Blocks Coming in Minecraft 1.21: All the Exciting Details

New Blocks in Minecraft 1.21: All the Details

Minecraft, one of the most popular video games in the world, continues to expand and evolve. Update 1.21, known as “Tricky Trials,” brings a wealth of new features, including new blocks. These innovations promise to make the game even more engaging and exciting. Let’s take a detailed look at the new blocks coming in this update.

Trial Chambers: New Underground Structures

A major feature of the 1.21 update is the new underground structures called Trial Chambers. These add an element of adventure and challenges that players need to overcome.

  1. Copper Blocks and Lamps:
    • Copper Lamps: New lighting blocks that can be found in Trial Chambers. They provide a warm, cozy light and can be used for various decorative purposes.
  2. Tuff Blocks:
    • New Tuff Blocks: Used for building structures in Trial Chambers. These blocks add a new aesthetic to the dungeons and can be used in other construction and design projects.

Crafter: Automated Crafting

One of the most exciting new blocks in the 1.21 update is the Crafter.

  1. Automated Crafting:
    • Crafter Block: This block allows for the automation of item creation. It has an interface where you can specify a recipe, and it uses redstone to operate. The Crafter can interact with other automated blocks, such as hoppers and dispensers, making it much easier to craft large quantities of items.

New Building Blocks

The update also brings several new building blocks that will allow players to expand their creative possibilities.

  1. Copper Blocks:
    • Copper Panels and Slabs: Various copper block variants that can be used for new architectural designs. They have a unique texture and can oxidize over time, changing their color.
  2. Stone Blocks:
    • New Stone Types: These add more options for building and design, allowing for more complex and interesting constructions.

New Mechanical Blocks

The update also includes new mechanical blocks that expand players’ capabilities in engineering and automation.

  1. Trial Spawner:
    • Trial Spawner Block: This block works like a regular spawner but with some differences. It spawns a certain number of enemies and then pauses before spawning more. This adds a new level of challenge and strategy to dungeon exploration.


The Minecraft 1.21 “Tricky Trials” update brings many new and exciting blocks that significantly diversify the game. From new building materials and lighting blocks to automated crafting systems and new dungeons – all these innovations make Minecraft even more engaging and thrilling for players. So get ready for new adventures and challenges in the world of Minecraft!

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