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nleash the Terramorphs: A New Challenge in Minecraft!

Prepare yourself for a thrilling new adventure in Minecraft with the Terramorph mod, introducing a formidable race of creatures known as terramorphs. These creatures are not to be underestimated, as they live in nests, multiply rapidly, and pose a significant threat to survival in the blocky world. Here’s what you need to know about the creatures and their hierarchy:

🐛 Parasite:

  • Low health
  • Can infect various creatures, transforming them into cocoons
  • Spawns in forest biomes with a 5% chance

🥚 Egg and Cocoon:

  • Infected creatures turn into cocoons, from which small terramorphs emerge
  • Small terramorphs mature rapidly, becoming adults in just a minute

Terramorph Worker:

  • Health: 14 units
  • Damage: 6 units
  • Replace ordinary blocks with socket blocks and dig tunnels
  • Infect with poison

⚔️ Terramorph Warrior:

  • Health: 20 units
  • Damage: 8 units
  • Spawn throughout the world
  • Stronger than workers and inflict poison on impact

👑 Prime Terramorph:

  • Health: 40 units
  • Damage: 16 units
  • Extremely strong monsters, serving as Queen’s guards
  • Weaken enemies and prepare for the emergence of the Queen

🐲 Terramorph Tank:

  • Health: 65 units
  • Damage: 24 units
  • Slow but formidable monsters
  • Slow down when bitten but pose a significant threat

Elite Terramorph:

  • Health: 35 units
  • Damage: 18 units
  • Flying terramorphs that can transform into kings or queens
  • Attack from a distance and fly away when their health decreases

Terramorph Queen:

  • Health: 100 units
  • Damage: 30 units
  • Constructs nests and fights alongside other queens
  • Begins nest construction after 10 minutes

Terramorph King:

  • Health: 120 units
  • Damage: 35 units
  • Strengthens terramorphs and imposes regeneration, protection, and increased damage in an aura radius
  • Poses a significant challenge to overcome

Prepare for a fierce battle against the terramorphs and their rulers, but remember, survival is not guaranteed in the face of these formidable adversaries. Can you conquer the Terramorph mod and emerge victorious?

Download mod (.mcaddon)

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