Minecraft and Terraria: Inspiration for Palworld

Minecraft and Terraria: Inspiration for Palworld


Palworld, a new sandbox game from Korean company Neowiz, has captured the attention of gamers since its announcement in 2021 with its unique blend of survival, exploration, and creature-raising elements. The game’s developers have repeatedly emphasized that they drew inspiration from popular titles like Minecraft and Terraria.

Game director of Palworld survival game, Takuro Mizobe, shared the sources of inspiration for the new hit, among them were Minecraft and other popular sandbox games:

“I consider the open-world survival genre with crafting as the successor to Minecraft. You mentioned ‘exploration’ in the question, but actually, I have always loved this genre and played many similar games before – like Terraria, The Forest, Sons of the Forest, CONAN Exiles, ARK: Survival Evolved, and of course, Minecraft.

Among the more ‘fresh’ newcomers in the genre, the game director also mentioned Valheim, Raft, and Rust.

I also played sandbox games like Astroneer and Scrap Mechanic, as well as projects with fresh mechanics like Sunkenland.”

Minecraft’s Influence

Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the primary sources of inspiration for Palworld. Both games offer players an infinite virtual world to explore, build, and alter. Minecraft is renowned for its open-ended nature, where players can create whatever they desire using a vast array of resources and tools. This aspect of creative freedom is clearly evident in Palworld, where players will not only be able to construct their own settlements and explore the world but also create unique creatures that they can tame and train.

Terraria’s Influence

Terraria, a 2D sandbox game with RPG elements, has also had a significant impact on Palworld. Both games share a similar structure, where players gradually progress by gathering resources, crafting new items, and venturing into new territories. Terraria is also known for its combat systems, which offer players the opportunity to battle a variety of enemies and bosses. These aspects of combat and exploration have also found their way into Palworld, where players will be able to fight dangerous creatures, explore dark caves and dungeons, and seek out rare treasures.

Palworld’s Unique Features

While Palworld draws heavily from Minecraft and Terraria, it also boasts unique features that set it apart from these titles. The most prominent of these is the creature creation system, which allows players to combine the DNA of different animals and monsters to generate new and unique creatures. These creatures can serve as both pets and combat companions, providing players with a wealth of opportunities for strategy and experimentation.

Another unique feature of Palworld is its “creature interaction” system. Players will not only be able to train their creatures but also form emotional bonds with them by talking to them, feeding them, and spending time with them. This aspect of emotional connection adds depth and emotional resonance to Palworld’s gameplay, differentiating it from other sandbox games.


By combining elements of Minecraft, Terraria, and its own unique ideas, Palworld has the potential to become an exciting and innovative sandbox game. The ability to create unique creatures, form emotional bonds with them, and explore an endless world makes Palworld an appealing proposition for fans of the genre. It remains to be seen how Palworld will realize its potential and capture the hearts of gamers upon its release.

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