Minecraft Player Astonishes with Detailed Recreation of “Attack on Titan” City

Minecraft Player Recreates City from Popular Anime Series “Attack on Titan”

Unique Project by Blogger stan616

A Minecraft player known as stan616 recently captured the community’s attention with his incredible work – recreating the Shiganshina district from the popular anime series “Attack on Titan.” The blogger shared a video on YouTube, showcasing his impressive project in detail. This work has become a real hit among anime fans and gamers.

Recreating the Legendary District

Stan616’s project is striking in its scale and detail. The author managed to convey all the key elements of the Shiganshina district, including the main character Eren’s house and the scout regiment headquarters. Every building and street is accurately recreated in the cubic world of Minecraft, making the project extremely realistic.

Impressive Scale and Meticulous Work

Stan616’s project was a real challenge for the author. According to him, creating the Shiganshina recreation took over 65 days and about 500 hours of meticulous work. Such efforts could not fail to impress gamers and fans of the series. The project received numerous positive reviews and became a real sensation.

Community Feedback

Fans of “Attack on Titan” and gamers from all over the world express their admiration for stan616’s project. Many of them note that the blogger’s work recreates the series’ atmosphere and conveys its spirit. Some even expressed a desire to create similar projects in their favorite games.


The project of recreating Shiganshina in Minecraft is a vivid example of how creativity and perseverance can turn an ordinary game into art. Stan616 has shown that there are no limits for those who want to bring their dreams to life. His project not only inspires other gamers but also adds new colors to the popular culture of anime and video games.

Full video on YouTube!

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