Mod Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Kingdom in Addon

Explore the Prehistoric Kingdom Mod: Unleash the Power of Dinosaurs in Minecraft Bedrock!

Prepare to embark on a prehistoric adventure with the Prehistoric Kingdom mod for Minecraft Bedrock. Although still in development, this mod promises to introduce a diverse array of dinosaurs to the game. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store:

🌿 Edmontosaurus:

  • Health: 75-80 units
  • Damage: 1 unit

🦖 Tyrannosaurus Rex:

  • Health: 80 units
  • Damage: 18 units

🦕 Triceratops Horridus:

  • Health: 85 units
  • Damage: 19-20 units

🦕 Deinocheirus:

  • Health: 82 units
  • Damage: 15 units

🦖 Tarbosaurus:

  • Health: 80 units
  • Damage: 18 units

🥚 Taming Mechanics:

  • Dinosaurs can only be tamed while in their childhood stage.
  • Carnivorous dinosaurs require bone feeding, while herbivores prefer rabbit soup.
  • Dinosaurs will naturally sleep at night, adding a touch of realism to their behavior.

🏜️ Biome-specific Remains:

  • Keep an eye out for bone remains generated in mesa or desert biomes, offering clues to the presence of dinosaurs in the area.

Here’s a quick overview of the featured dinosaurs:

Stay tuned for updates as the Prehistoric Kingdom mod continues to evolve, bringing more ancient wonders and thrilling adventures to your Minecraft Bedrock experience. Unleash the power of dinosaurs and journey back in time like never before! 🌴🦕🌋

Download mod (.mcaddon)

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